Apine Insurance Broker Limited

Mr. Chris Murai
C.E.O Alpine Insurance Brokers Ltd.

Our  company  started  off  as  an  insurance  agency  over  ten  years  ago as  Lumboka  Insurance  agencies  and  grew  in leaps  and  bounds  to  become  a mover  in  insurance  circles,  which  culminated  into  its  current  elevation  to  insurance  broker.

We  introduced  livestock  and  agricultural  insurance  to the  market  and  we  are  proud  of the  products  performance  on the  market.

We operate on integrity, innovation, responsibility, commitment, humility, professionalism and team work, even as we advise our clients on upcoming new products

As a brokerage firm, we provide intermediary services-[all classes of insurance],-and most importantly, on personalized basis.

 In  liaison  with other  reputable  institutions,  we  underwrite  all  risks  and  facilitate  premium  financing  for  both  individuals  and  corporate  institutions.To keep  all  players  at  per in regard  to insurance  practice,  we  offer  staff  training  and  actuarial  services.

We also consult on risk survey [assessment], risk management and risk transfer mechanisms, besides motor vehicle licensing and assessment.

We   have  countrywide  branch  network  strategically i.e  Mombasa,  Nairobi, Bungoma,  Diani  and  Busia  serving  farmers,  motorists,  Businessmen, Construction  firms,  tourists,  sportsmen,  investors  and  all  life  planners  on personalized consideration  for  effective  execution   of  cover and  service  delivery.

This company company was founded by shareholders Mr.  and  Mrs  Chris  Murai Makokha ; with  a  mission  of  providing  personalized  flexible  affordable  and  tailor made  financial  services  to our  African  society.  The company has two other Directors serving our country in various  capacities.

The  company  has  competent  staff  members  who  have  diverse  experience  and  qualification  in the  insurance  industry.  We  impress  the  principle  of  quality  customer  service  where  we  assign  an  officer  from  our  office  to  a  client  who is   serviced  in the  entire  period  that  insurance  runs.
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