Claims Procedure for Motor Vehicles

  • The insured reports to the insurer all Motors accidents and Thefts immediately they have knowledge of the incidents and within the stipulated period, giving the insurer details of the loss and in case of an accident, advise where the accident vehicle is lying.
  • Insured will obtain and forward to the insurer all the relevant documents   including claim forms, driving license, police abstract, policy excess if applicable and any other documents relevant to the claim in question. A guided statement recording is done where necessary.
  • Assessment of the damages is done at our assessment centre within 24 hours and if outside of Nairobi, an assessor is appointed the same day notification of the claim is made after which repair authority is issued.
  • Vehicles will be repaired at the insurer’s panel of approved garages.
  • On completion of repair work, the vehicle will be re-inspected by the assessor and the insurer will issue a release letter on full documentation and receipt of excess payment where excess payment is applicable.
  • As for write-offs and stolen vehicles, an assessment of the pre-accident and pre-theft value of the vehicle at the time of accident is done which forms the basis of claim settlement.


  • Therefore report all claims (or any incidents that may give rise to a claim) to us immediately and within the stipulated period (24 hours)
  • Our team of highly trained claims staff is dedicated to give you excellent service by advising you about our claim requirements
  • Full documentation of claims should be done for quick claim processing. Such documents include: - Claim forms, Police abstracts and other relevant documents such as receipts, manuals, and permits dependent on the type of claim.
  • Please help us get your claim processed as soon as possible by providing us with all the information and documents we ask for, within the timeframe we set.
  • Motor Assessors, Adjusters and loss inspectors will be appointed where necessary.
  • We work closely with our service providers to get you sorted as quickly and efficiently as possible.